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Jennie Edmondson
Ken Harwood 2 months ago
Everyone needs this routine!

Thanks for the Morning Routine! In particular your enthusiasm, energy, knowledge and understanding of what makes us all tick. I would have no hesitation in recommending you / Go Health and Fitness to anyone I thought might benefit from your help - I guess that means pretty well everyone!!!

Jennie Edmondson
Lynsey El 2 months ago
thanks for reminding me to smile!

Thanks so much for introducing me to this 10 Step programme. I certainly have come away having had days where I've had more perspective as I’ve walked out the door in the morning. I am coming away with less focus on silly fads and actually just trying to be realistic and kind to myself . The smile as you come out of the door.... I loved this step, so much to be grateful for and a little thought in that direction soon raises a smile on my face.