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Laila 1 year ago
She helped me break some annoying patterns I had

I am Laila.
I met Marina years ago when we start studying. I know her as a loving and caring person with a great eye for the needs of others. Always trying for the best for everyone in a professional way. Even though she had a high standard from a young age she advanced herself even further.

This year my contact with Marina was about coaching and mentoring. I interviewed her as I wanted her to as an example for myself to become a little bit more to her standard. During the interviews, she was able to mentor me in my thinking. With a few simple questions, she just pinpointed my doubts about where to go for and where to stand for. I made these few questions my homework and so I progressed in my process.

Her open mind is wonderful and it gave me the immediate feeling of someone who really wants to help me just by ‘showing’ myself in a mirror and asking the right questions to get back on track.

Most of the times you’re stuck in patterns and you lose sight of a fresh view. This is really de strength of Marina. Even though it stays your own process with your own decisions it helped me a lot and made me succeed in a study called Master Practitioner
NLP/Communications for being a coach.

Maybe I can become a mentor like her.

Thank you Marina!
With love, Laila

Marina De Haan
Calvin 1 year ago
My Purpose

I wasn't sure what to do with my life, no more studies, I didn't like my job. Nothing made me really enthusiastic. But then Marina helped me to find my purpose. I changed my job and joined a Pencak Silat club and I am so excited! Now I know how to spend my days again. Best mentor ever.